ARN - 96083 and EUIN - E098800

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Commission Disclosure

VMIM ASSOCIATES [ARN – 96083] are purely an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor hence we earn our commission for distributing Mutual Fund product’s. Incidental to our services, we also distribute Fixed Deposit Products offered by HDFC Bank Ltd (Erstwhile Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd) & Sundaram Home Finance Ltd, if respective clients requests for. We do not charge any extra fees over and above our commission (or) brokerage that we receive from any of the Product Manufacturers. For any of these incidental services our key source of Income is from distributing Mutual Fund products.

As a part of our own philosophy, we keep a very transparent and clear disclosure of our earnings for the understanding of our clients as below.

Mutual Fund’s                           ARN: 96083                              VMIM ASSOCIATES

HDFC Bank Ltd - Fixed Deposit’s Code: CB/38666 VMIM ASSOCIATES


Sundaram Home Finance Ltd - Fixed Deposit’s Code: 324      VMIM ASSOCIATES